Meet the founders

Khalid Parkar

Managing Director

Based in Auckland, Khalid has been involved in projects nationally and internationally and has technical experience in theatre, events, and festivals. Khalid has taken on many roles including Technical Operator, Designer, Production Manager and Head of Sound with companies such as Auckland Theatre Company, Auckland Arts Festival, and NZ Opera. Khalid has a desire to collaborate with others and enjoys the problem-solving that is required in the process of any project. Khalid’s passion for the industry started young and the same passion still drives him in his work today.

Jamie Blackburn

Managing Director

Jamie has worked throughout New Zealand as well as regularly working on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Jamie has experience across many departments within the entertainment industry and has taken on many roles including Stage, Site, Technical and Production Management for companies such as  Auckland Arts Festival, NZ Opera, and Auckland Theatre Company as well as Assembly Festival in Edinburgh. Jamie values the opportunity to work across many different projects with a variety of talented and passionate people. He is also based in Auckland.

Oliver Hawke


Oliver was instrumental in the formation of Pilot. Although he has now moved on from the company to pursue other ventures, Pilot will always value his contribution to its founding.

Oliver has worked in the entertainment industry across multiple technical roles, in theatrical flying, rigging, automation, stage mechanics, lighting and a range of head-of-department roles. Companies he has been involved with include the Royal New Zealand Ballet, NZ Opera, Australian Opera and NanoGirl Live.

Management Services

Pilot excels in all forms of Management and has experienced Production, Technical, Stage, Site, and Tour Managers. Our team has completed projects ranging from International & National Theatrical Tours, Bespoke Corporate Events, and Outdoor Art Installations.

Further Services

Pilot is able to offer a range of services independently or in support of any Management Contracts. Our trusted range of suppliers and collaborators work with us to support the wide range of services we provide, including but not limited to site management, lighting, audio, video, health & safety, rigging, production management, venue maintenance, crewing, touring, transport & logistics, design, power & distribution and set construction.



Co-Pilot is an Industry Initiative tailored to support Freelancers to engage with projects that require the resource or the support of a Production Organization. The Arts and Events Industry relies heavily on Freelancers as its backbone to provide specialist skillsets and quality crew.

This Program’s goal is to upskill Freelancers, offer support and to provide security to the Freelancer and their clients.

This program is able to offer our Insurance Coverage, H&S Policies, Core-Infrastructure, and Production Support to Freelancers who wish to join this Program.

We believe it is imperative to support and maintain Freelancers and Contract-Based workers in the Technical Entertainment Sector and it must be a joint effort on Producers, Production Companies and Venues to ensure these individuals can thrive.


Being part of the entertainment industry in Aotearoa brings an amazing array of opportunities to be involved with many different projects and a range of groups. 

We understand that the growth, development and experimentation of all art forms at the grassroots level are imperative to the survival of the arts and its makers and consumers.

While Pilot Productions is a business built to manage large scale projects with extended resources, we are still committed to fully supporting Community, Not-For-Profit and Developing-Works with limited budgets.

Through Pilot-Lite we are still able to offer our high level of service and delivery at a budget that these groups can access. This is assessed on a case by case basis and allows us to give back to an industry and community that has given us so much.

Fly with us

Work with us

We are always looking to grown our team of skilled partitioners and crew. Many of our team work with us on a contract or casual bases which allows them to work with us as well as freelancing with in the arts and events industry. Even if you are not immediately available but are interested in being on our books as a casual staff member or hearing about potential contracts that may suit you, please get in touch at

We are always on the look out for, Theatre Technicians, Stage Hands, Lighting Programmers & Operators, Audio Engineers, Production Managers, Site Managers, Stage Managers, DSMs, ASMs, Riggers, Truck Drivers, Fork Lift Operators, General Labour, Carpenters and many more! Have a special skill you think might be useful to us? Please get in touch and let us know.